Moving Tips

familyNo matter how much you plan ahead or how organized you are, packing and moving is a guaranteed stressor.  Finding an affordable and trustworthy moving company can be just as an anxiety-filled process as any.  When you choose Leavy Moving & Storage for your next move, not only do we guarantee you will get a reliable, trustworthy service, but we can and will do anything possible to reduce the stress that accompanies moving. 

In effort to help our clients out, we would like to offer some advice and helpful hints.  However, we are always readily available to answer any questions and concerns you may have. Here are some quick moving tips from Leavy Moving & Storage to get you through the move. 

  • Do Your Research – All moving companies look the same on the outside, but before entrusting your life (in the form of your material possessions), take the time to thoroughly research the companies that are out there.  Don’t just jump at the first company you find.
      • Get comparative quotes/estimates
      • Ask questions about the “fine print” and additional fees
      • Ask around for advice and recommendations
      • Check online reviews


  • Schedule Your Move in Advance – Although most moving companies can and will make sure your move is taken care of, even with short notice, you could wind up paying more.  By scheduling your move, in advance, you are providing the moving company plenty of time to give you your estimate and make all necessary arrangements for your move.  This includes guaranteeing the moving company utilizes the right size moving trucks, has the proper number of movers available, and brings the correct materials and supplies to the move.  Last minute bookings could result in deficits as far as the availabilities of trucks, personnel, and the quality of movers.
  • Insurance – Reputable moving companies not only have liability coverage through their own insurance company, but they explain the coverage and liability, up front.  However, you should absolutely make sure your belongings are covered under additional insurance, either through your homeowners/renters insurance or by purchasing insurance through the moving company. 


  • Organization – Organization is key to making your move as stress-free and orderly as possible.  Regardless of whether you are packing yourself or using a moving company, who offers full-service packing, chaos is inevitable, if you aren’t organized. 
      • Create lists and reminders
      • Label everything – ie: contents, rooms, care/instructions, box numbers
      • Inventory – create an inventory list and key so you can locate things easily


Important Notice:  To prevent last minute surprise and additional stress, you should take note of the following items, which either cannot be moved by a professional moving company or we suggest you pack and move, yourself. 

  • Jewelry
  • Expensive/irreplaceable items
  • Money
  • Important documents (licenses, social security cards, passports, bank info.)
  • Pets
  • Plants and perishable food
  • Combustibles
  • Chemicals (ask which ones are allowed)
  • Firearms
  • Drugs (ask about more information)

Leavy Moving & Storage is happy to answer any questions you may have.  Our representatives and moving specialists can also offer you additional advice on packing, as well.  Call us at: 1.800.245.3289 or fill out the inquiry form on the “Contact Us” page.