What kinds of moving options do I have?
All moving companies offer different services.  However, Leavy is a full-service moving and storage company.  Therefore, we offer our clients several different moving options and can customize them to fit the needs of each individual.  You can choose to self-pack, where you take care of everything, but we can provide you with any materials you need.  We can also offer fragile-only packing, for breakables, or full-service packing, where we pack everything.  We offer full-service unpacking, as well.  Lastly, we offer storage options for our clients. 
(You can also visit our services page for some additional information.)

Does Leavy Moving & Storage offer both residential and corporate services?
Yes.  From the manpower and experience, to the materials, trucks, and specialty equipment, we have everything needed to accommodate the needs and requirements of both residential and corporate moves.  We can take on the smallest of moves, to the largest, including commercial equipment and appliances, office furniture, and files. 

When should I start planning my move?
The sooner you begin planning and preparing for your move, the better.  Regardless of how prepared you are, moving is stressful.  We, at Leavy Moving & Storage, make it a priority to accommodate all of our clients, regardless of the situation.  However, contacting us as far in advance as possible, allows us ample time to do a complete assessment of your move (as part of the estimate process).  This will ensure all necessary arrangements are made, including the size of the moving truck, the number of moving specialists needed, and any special moving equipment/materials. 

How much does moving and storage cost?
There is no way for any moving company to provide a guaranteed flat-rate cost for moving services because there are several factors that can/will affect your cost, such as:

  • Packing/Storage options (self, fragile, full-service)
  • Amount of furniture and total belongings packed/moved/stored
  • Over-sized items
  • Man-hours needed to perform needed services
  • Materials needed (boxes, pads, other packing materials)
  • Moving distance (in miles)
  • Coverage/insurance
  • Special accommodations

This is why we offer free in-house estimates.  Visit our estimates page, for more information.

Are my belongings insured and protected when they are moved?
Yes.  Typically, homeowners/renters insurance cover the value of your items.  However, we do have liability coverage to insure your belongings, in the event of damage and/or accident.  We also offer additional insurance coverage for moves and even more importantly, for customers who use our storage facility and services.  Leavy Moving & Storage also carefully assesses and evaluates the condition of all items, during the inventory process, which not only insures your belongings for your benefit, but it also safeguards us on our end.   Be sure to ask us when you call to set up an appointment or ask the representative who conducts your estimate. 

Are there items that cannot be packed or moved?
As with anything, there are always exceptions to the rules.  If you have a specific question in regards to what can and cannot be packed or moved, please feel free to call us or ask a Leavy representative, during your estimate consultation.  It is better to be safe and ask questions, rather than have to make unexpected arrangements.  You can also go to our “Moving Tips” page to find out more general information.