Leavy Brothers, Inc., Leavy Moving & Storage, a private family owned and operated company provides efficient, economical and professional relocation services to the greater New York Metropolitan area as well as the entire eastern seaboard. We have been in business servicing Long Island and the tri state area for over 30 years.


Leavy Moving & Storage has a 30 year tradition of providing efficient, economical and professional relocation services to the greater Metro-New York region area as well as the entire east coast.  Established over 30 years ago, we have worked hard to become the premier moving and storage company that our clients have come to rely on and also recommend to their friends and family.  Because we are family-owned business dealing with families, we understand how important a move can be.  Many times it is based on a process of thought and decisions that affect the whole family.  Moving from someplace your family has called home for any amount of time can be very emotional and because of this details can be overlooked.  Leavy Moving & Storage is committed to ensuring that all details are covered.  Our expert moving staff will ensure that all of your valuables are packed and transported safely so that once you reach your new home you will know that you have left nothing behind.

Some moves are not always short term processes.  Perhaps you need your personal items transported and stored for relocation at a later date.  Leavy Moving & Storage has the know-how and facilities to not only store but protect your valuables so that whether it is 6 days, 6 weeks or 6 months when you unpack your items, they will be exactly as they were when you packed them away.  It is the dedication to customer service that has been the very backbone of our business.  The entire Leavy Moving & Storage family is dedicated to helping your family protect, store and transport your valuable whether it is around the block, to a new town, city or state.